getting warmed up….

Everyday when the students come into my classroom there is a warm up prompted on the projector. Since my Intermediate students were learning how to draw faces, I thought it would be interesting for them to practice by drawing as many different faces as they could. Stealing another idea from my friend Tony, who has been teaching for about 10 years now (you’ll find, that as a new teacher, “borrowing” ideas from other colleagues and teachers is one of the best ways to start out!), the students created little 4″x4″ warm up booklets to sketch in. They only have about 5-7 minutes on each warm up before class each day to draw these images. The purpose is to encourage them to get into the routine of drawing everyday.  We started out with one of my favorite contemporary artist, Matt Wisniewski, whose beautiful pieces can be seen at his website here. Students learned about the different angles when drawing portraits, including three-quarter view, frontal, and profile, which in my opinion is one of the more difficult angles to get down (drawing the nose has always been a struggle for me), but I think the student results turned out pretty fantastic.

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