Identity Portraits

After a week of study and reviewing on how to draw faces, my students were asked to draw their own self portraits using all the shading techniques they had learned previously. They were also asked to illustrate and fill the entire background with images, symbols, text, and simple line drawings of things that represented themselves as a unique person. I’m really happy with the way these self portraits came out, and after hanging them outside my classroom, other students on campus were quick to point out their favorite ones as they passed by. You can see more of the self portraits, here!

Ronaldo S.                                                                                                     Kathy V.

Ana G.                                                                                                            Edward C.

Jett A.                                                                                                             Brenda H.

Aldan M.                                                                                                        Leslie F.

Kayli G.                                                                                                           Antonio J.

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