piece by piece

A continued study on self portraits…

Intermediate drawing students were so successful at drawing and shading their own self portraits with the last assignment, I really wanted to push them a bit further and challenge their perception of the way the eye sees things. For this project, we studied David Hockney and his “joiners” along with a brief history into Cubism. The students learned about perception from various angles and points of views and how Cubists used this to create a sense of movement in their own artwork. So with this idea in mind, the students were asked to draw their facial features on separate pieces of white cards. They had four angles of their faces to draw upon and I encouraged them to use as many angles of their faces as possible. When they were done drawing and coloring each card, they assembled their faces together. To add an extra challenge for them, they were able to use pieces of foam board to create a 3D effect to their portraits.
When I had this lesson in mind, I knew there would be many things I had to overcome as a teacher. These new ideas of Cubism and coloring techniques, and having the students push themselves to think a bit more abstractly, were a lot for them to take on in the time restraint that we had. But I think, that as a teacher, the learning process is just as important as as the lesson itself, and the next time I use this lesson, I’ll have most of the hiccups worked out. Overall, I really enjoyed teaching this lesson and the kids, even though the process was tedious and repetitious, were quite happy to see the results of their faces come together as they began to assemble all their hard work together.

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