the small things that matter…

I will have to admit, one of the many perks of being a teacher to young kids, is seeing all their creative ideas and seeing them push themselves to achieve things they probably didn’t even care about in the first place.  I wanted to showcase this one drawing in particular from one of my shyer students, who is a wonderful artist, but he’s the type of kid who likes to draw things in a day and move onto another project quickly. After learning about mark making techniques and shading for a week, Fabio had spare time to work on an extra credit drawing in his sketchbook for me. And the first time that he showed me this image, it had maybe one horizon line and one tree with a white sky. (Insert teacher pet peeve here: white sky and blue clouds) I asked him to show me more texture and reminded him that things in the far background would be smaller than things in the foreground. And over the course of a week, Fabio kept bringing me  his sketch, ready to turn it in every single time, and I would ask him to show me more details. (The students hate this about me by the way. They’re learning to expect “Give me more details!” often when they come to my desk and are often surprised when they hear me say, “This looks excellent, turn it in.” )

So this is the final image Fabio handed in to me. I think it’s a beautiful image, filled with all the little details that keeps my attention moving around the drawing, yet still showcasing his simplistic drawing style.

As for the image below it, how can you not love parachuting cats? 🙂

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