Guerrilla Mail

For our first project in Drawing Society, the kids were asked to participate in making Guerrilla Mail for each other. The process involves having  each person, including the three teachers, decorate and “make their mark” on a mailing box and adding something that they have made, drawn, or found inside the box. . We would then exchange boxes every Thursday and continue this process until the end of the school year when the boxes will be completely filled, both inside and outside, with each one of our creations. The priority boxes are free at your local post office if you are interested in doing the project. Normally, this  would involve actually sending off the package or mail, but I think this way, the kids will have a sweet  little time capsule box of their own to remember each other by the end of the school year.

Below are  a few examples of our first exchange so far. I’m really excited to see how this project progresses throughout the year. I’ve been getting a few good ideas from students already as to what to put into my own boxes. So far, I’ve stuck with a lion theme for the first round. Also, I’ve kind of been on a neon high lately. 🙂

This student and I must have been on the same brainwave.

Hoping, crossing my fingers that there are homemade cookies in this box!

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