Paper Creatures

Excuse the color explosion , but this project is probably one of my favorite assignments so far this year and I really want to share all these beautiful examples with you. For this project, the students were asked to create a creature or come up with an animal to create using only paper cutouts. They really had to think about how paper could be used to show various textures like fur, plumage, and scales. They also had to consider their color choices for both their creatures and the background, although I think they mostly gravitated towards the neon colors. Paper art and paper cuts are being experimented in so many amazing ways and I really wanted my kids to learn and see examples of how art is not just paper and pencil and paint these days. We studied artists like, Jayme McGowan, Ian Wright, Helen Musselwhite, and used Michael Velliquette’s examples as inspiration for this project. I think a lot of these turned out really great. Of course I had to jump in and make one for myself also, just to prove that the project, as daunting and tedious as it may sound, is very much possible and the results are well worth the effort.

[If you’re curious, you can find so much inspiration from these books, here and here!]

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