around the classroom…

There’s been quite an explosion of color around the classroom these past weeks. The kids have picked up the paintbrushes and have been experimenting with paints and watercolors as of late. The sixth graders used fluorescent paints for the first time in my class and created quick geometric and organic shape studies. These colorful tiles really do brighten up that corner in the room.

As for the Intermediate students, they dabbled with watercolor for rodeo. I brought in a few potted cacti for them to paint from direct observation; and plus it was a great excuse for me to put some color on those bare window sills. More images from this lesson to come soon! The images below are a few of my own experimentation with the medium. I have to admit, I’m not quite as savvy with watercolor, but I really do love those beautiful colors and washes.

Also, a sneak peak at the watercolor project the sixth graders are currently working on now and a few shrinky dink examples that I made with the  Intermediate students. Two more days until winter break and we still have so much to do!

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