salty creatures

We’re crazy for chameleons! So as a first year teacher, sometimes I get into funk as to what lesson plans to do with my students. Fortunately, the internet has been a wonderful source for resources and ideas from other teachers and their  blogs. (I hope to continue this process with my own blog) I found this idea for this particular lesson plan on Pinterest, which by the way, is a fantastic resource outlet for browsing and making idea boards!

Since we had already experimented with watercolors before in Intro and Beginning art and the students really had a free choice as to what colors they could use in previous assignments, I had to challenge them on the next project. We learned about analagous and complimentary colors and they were asked to chose one color scheme and apply it to their chameleon drawings. We also experimented with using salt to created scaly textures on the creatures’ skin. They enjoyed this part of the process quite a bit.

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