Mosaic Groceries

When I was shopping at Anthropologie, I bought this memory game box that featured mosaic artwork by children from the Fresh Artists organization. The images inspired me right away and since the Intro students were still learning about colors, this project was just right up their alley. All we really needed was glue, scissors, and a lot of paint chips, which was very easy to get at the hardware store. This was the first time I taught mosaic and I sort of dived head on into this project, but a word of advice, work L A R G E! The kids were a bit tired of cutting little pieces by the end of the project, even though we used 12″ by 12″ construction paper as a base. I might try teaching this as a group project next year and working on a much larger scale, because I really like the way these have turned out.

London H.

Johnny M.

Jonathon S.

Fabio S.

Zuri S.

Asia L.

Jason R.

Abraham C.

Juan V.

Jaqueline A.

CreShay R.

Maya F.

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