Scratchboard Animals with Watercolor

             After  reviewing different mark making techniques, the Intermediate students were asked to draw various animals and show the different textures of their animal. You can see a few sketches form a previous post here. Then, came the fun part of using scratch-boards to recreate their drawings. We took it one step further and added watercolor once they were done scratching out their images. It was tedious work, but many of these images turned out beautifully. Some students were more refined with their mark making techniques and were able to get uniform and graceful details in their textures, while other students were a bit more expressive and heavy-handed. There is something so raw and visceral with some of these images, like the one with the bull and the the deer. The mark making techniques are so wildly expressive and kinetic in the way the lines move throughout the composition, it’s really a thing of beauty. I can look  at these images all day. Either way, I love how distinctive their different drawing styles have become over the course of this year and some students who had a tougher time with the work have shown such a dramatic improvement this semester. These images are so beautiful in their own way, I’m really proud of my kids for working so hard on this project.

Erik P.

Leslie F.

Ronaldo S.

Lisbeth M.

Lisette S.

Christopher W.

Pete D.

Mya G.

Tristian S.

D’Angelo S.

Juan M.

Brenda H.

Antonio J.

Mark S.

Ana G.

Iris B.

Emily B.

Kathy V.

Thien D.

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