printing sessions…

After finishing up scratch boards, the Intermediate students jumped right into printmaking with easy cut blocks. It was a great transition from one project to another because it both involved working with negative  space. With scratch boards, the students had to learn how to essentially work backwards, scratching out only the light areas in their drawings. This was excellent practice for their easy cuts, because they were used to this idea, and they had little trouble carving out the white areas on their blocks. For those students who had a difficult time with the carving, I suggested using a washable marker to color their blocks as they were carving to see what their image would look like.

For their big printmaking project, each class period voted on a theme to use for their subject. We ended up with Famous People, TV Shows, and Food for each class. At the end of the week, each student had to make an edition of prints to give one to each of their classmates. We just wrapped up this project last week with everyone assembling their printmaking booklets together and they were able to take a little something from their classmates home for the end of the year. Some students even had each other sign their booklets, which always makes me kind of sad that the year has already come to an end. Two weeks left of this school year to go…

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