bird watching…

It must be Spring again because there have been a flock of exotic and colorful birds of all sorts of species stopping by the classroom lately!

For our last big project of the school year, the Intermediate students worked with papier mache creating birds of their own design. We made paste out of a simple solution of flour and water that we mixed in the classroom and the structure of the birds were made by crumpling up old newspaper and newsprint. The students were asked to draw and design their birds in their sketchbooks first. Given the time restraint we had, with only 2 weeks left of school , I wanted to make sure they knew what they were going to make by the time we began modeling the birds. We spent a good week layering on strips of newsprint mixed with the flour paste, and then I helped them sand down the birds and attach the wire legs.  I really like this project and will probably try ti again next year, except with more time and maybe experiement with other types of forms like bowls, or other 3Dsculptures. Check out the finished birds below after the students painted them!

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