back to school mode

Welcome back to school! Monday will officially be the start of my second year teaching Intermediate art and I’ve been working hard cleaning, organizing, rearranging, and tidying up the classroom for this school year. Already, I feel so much more ready and eager for the school year to start. Having a clean and organized work space has always encouraged me to be more efficient at whatever project I am focused on. I’m hoping all the new decorations and new table layout in the classroom will also encourage my students to be more creative in their work space. I’m sure all this will eventually become less organized and more chaotic over the year, but it’s always a good thing to start my year off with a clean start. 🙂 Over the summer, I’ve been going through my blog and reading through all my notes and going through all the projects we accomplished last year and it’s given me a really good idea of what I would like to accomplish this year. For the most part, one of my goals is to focus more on the elements and principles of design and discussing these ideas with my students. It’s important for them to not only create awesome pieces of art, but they should also be able to understand why  or how that piece of art is great. I think I fell behind a bit on this last year, focusing more on creating lesson plans and projects instead. Every year, every day, is a learning process for me and I’m really excited to get started again this year! 2013-2014 is gonna kick 2012-2013’s butt! YEAH!

Texas Art Asylum hosts an educational shopping event about once a month where teachers can load up on supplies for such an affordable price! Five dollars will get you a brown bag full of as many supplies that you can fit into the bag and you can grab as many bags as you want. I was able to grab some old magazines and coloring books and a bucket of pencils on the last trip. Coloring books can drain a wallet pretty quickly, so needless to say, I was very ecstatic when I saw a box full of them at the asylum.

Finally putting up cabinet labels throughout the classroom. For the longest time, I was just storing paints and markers away and not remembering where I put everything. These neon sticky labels are the best!

It took me several hours to finish sorting out these stray prisma pencils and markers into colors, but now I won’t have to scurry through a tray full of multicolored pencils or a box full of markersto track down a particular shade when a student needs it.

Slowly, but surely, filling in the empty spots with inspirational posters and art. These art quotes are a m a z i n g , thanks to a friend’s suggestion. I’ll have to post more later when I’m done hanging everything up!

A jar full of my favorite pencils. Pretty and functional!

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