getting started…

So after having a big issue of lost pencils and erasers last year, I knew that going into this school year, I wanted to implement some kind barter system with the students. At first it was going to be a trading card of some sort for supplies, but after bouncing some ideas around with my colleagues, we decided to try out these Artistic Licenses. The eureka moment actually came to me during a car ride together with Ms. Brawner and Mr. Hurtado when we actually joked about giving the kids DUIs (Drawing Under the Influence). Well, the idea really got me in an excited frenzy and I spent a good hour or two putting together this template when I got home. I decided to give the students options, seeing that I teach three different levels of drawing classes. Students who were more confident in drawing portraits had the option of a blank canvas and other students who needed a guide to get them started could use one of the templates with famous portraits, Like the Mona Lisa or Frida Kahlo’s portrait. The backside of the Artistic Licenses was also a good opportunity to have a quick getting-to-know-you quietionnaire. I’ve been really enjoying reading and grading these cards the last two days. Stay tuned for some examples on the next post!

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