Frida Kahlo in a Velvet Dress

When I looked through my lesson plans from last year, I noticed that we did not utilize the sketchbooks as much as we should have. So this year, instead of making little warm up booklets and spending a few minutes each class day on an image, I decided to have the students focus on learning about an artist and creating sketches and notes in their sketchbooks. This way, when they take their sketchbooks home, they’ll have it filled with all the artists that they have learned including visual and written notes. Our first artist that we learned in Intermediate class was Frida Kahlo. We spent ten minutes each day for a week to study this painting, Frida Kahlo in a Velvet Dress, and wrote down ten facts about the artist. I started doing this style of warm up last year with Vincent Van Gogh and it never ceases to amaze me how different each student interprets and draws when they are looking at work by a famous artist. I really enjoyed looking at all these different Fridas and how they decided to re-create the paint strokes in their work using prisma colors.

(top image by Samreen A.)

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