Graffiti Names

The Intro and Beginning students have been decorating their portfolios these past two weeks. I asked them to draw their names out in a graffiti style or in an artistic style and painted it with fluorescent tempura. The students were really excited to start on this project and they really showed how creative they could be with their use of colors, considering we only had neon hues to pick from.

(top image by Bryan K.)

Even though she wasn’t fully aware of her color choices as she worked on this design, I think this piece turned out really beautiful. The way the colors flow into one another and overlap, it’s like an explosion of pigments that somehow work really harmoniously together.

This design by a 6th grader turned so awesome! It really didn’t take him too long to conceptualize his idea when I first gave them the assignment and I was eager to see the final results everyday as he worked hard at it.

The concept of this design is so clever. Can you tell it’s pipes watering down the flames above?

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