Paper Masks

Happy Halloween! We just wrapped up our paper project for the year and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share these awesome paper masks that the students have been working so hard on these past two weeks. Last year’s paper creature project was such a success that I had to challenge my students this year even more by working on a larger scale. We took Michael Velliquette’s work as inspiration to create over-sized masks using everything we’ve learned about symmetry, organic and geometric shapes, and texture. Last year, when I first taught this lesson, I kind of went head on and let the students create their own textures and that either turned out for the better or for the worst. So with that in mind, I had to be very particular with the types of texture that the students were able to do this year, narrowing it down to scales, feathers, and fur, all of which I knew the kids would be more than capable of achieving in the time frame that we had.  It did take us longer than I had anticipated to construct all the fine details in the masks, especially in the textures of the creatures’ face, but overall, this year’s paper project has been really successfully. The paper masks turned out really beautiful and they all look so great in photos too.

(top image by Cleyn R.)

Vaney L. / Maria S.

Jovanit Q.

Jose I.

Katie V. / Maria G.

Moses M. / Eddie P. / Amelia R. / Adrian B.

Abraham B. / Djuan J.

Keyshawn C. / Jovana L.

Sebastian S.

Adriel S.

Valerie P. / Jackeline A.

Jose U. / Jaclyn G. / Pedro C. / Joel R.

Daniel B. / Alan B.

Errol J.

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