an unfinished story…Collage Sketchbook drawings

I really enjoy using found or recycled images and medium and incorporating it into art. So for a quick sketchbook assignment, I asked the students to pick an image from my can of magazine cut outs and old vintage photographs without looking and then they had to complete drawing the image in their sketchbook. We looked at and discussed a few collage drawings by from Helene Jeudy. Some students also used gesso to create a drawing ground in their work. I really love this project because it pushes the students to really think creatively and master coloring and blending techniques with Prisma colored pencils. It also teaches students to really look at colors as they try to match what they see and continue drawing out from the edge of each photo. I just love seeing the story that unfolds in some of these images.

Daniel B.

Sebastian S.

Vaney L.

Valerie P. / Moses M.

Eddie P. / Alexis M.


Maria S.

Jose I. / Samreen A,

Errol J.

Maria G.

Katie V.

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