Stained Glass Window Paintings

For this project, the students created the look of a stained glass window using watercolor and black glue. They had a brief history of stained glass windows, from religious windows in great churches, to decorative designs in modern housing and art forms. They then used a wet on wet watercolor technique to blend colors together and added sea salt to create a stained-like appearance to their designs. When painting, I made it clear for the students to make sure to blend colors that were next to each other on the color wheel so that they would not get muddy colors. Watercolor is such an easy medium to use and to teach that even when students managed to mix opposite colors together, the effect is not so bad either. Some windows take on a more aged look than others. This project was a quick lesson to teach and I think the kids enjoyed getting their hands a bit messy.

(top image by Angela S.)

Anthony J.

Jasmine D. / Laura A.

Nichleous Y. / Precious N. / Hazel M. / Eliseo R.

Rolando A.

Jasmine R. / Benjamin C. /  Julieta M. / Armando

Olivia B.

Daniel F. / Miguel G. / Omar J. / Axel R.

Ashley M.

Olivia B. / Leo A. / Graciel M. / Brian D.

Terrelle M. / Frania L.

Bryan K. / Nohely O. / Jorge V. / Hailey R.

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