Zentangle Animals

For this project, the students were asked to illustrate an animal and then fill it with at least ten different patterns. I had a big poster of examples of different patterns that I had done myself and I also asked them to come up with some of their own patterns also. Then, they gave the background a quick wash of color and they used scented markers to fill in their patterns. It’s important to mention that when the students began coloring, I asked them to make sure they used colors to show patterns also, and not just randomly color in their designs. Many of these images are so bright and fun to look at.

(top image by Bryan K.)

Ivan V.

Alexis G. / Ashley V. / Daniel F. / Brian D.

Anthony J.

Angela S. / Leo A. / Joanna / Graciela M.

Leslie I.

Jasmine R. / Michell’Le M. / Ashley M. / Rolando A.

Hailey R.

Precious N. / Marco D. / Axel R.

Miguel G.

Christopher M. / Hazel M. / Jaelyn M. / Eddie T.

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