Mosaic Groceris… round two

The Mosaic Groceries project from last year turned out so great that I wanted to teach it again this year. It’s always interesting to see how a different group of students take on the same project. The results have been really beautiful to see. Last year when I taught the lesson, I told the students to cut our tiles and rectangles only and I think that may have limited them in working with those really small spaces in their designs. This year, I told my students to experiment with other shapes and to focus more on creating a design with colors that would compliment their designs. Students really did a great job of using complimentary colors and some even created a monochromatic scheme, and we haven’t learned about it yet!

Brian D.

Ruben C. / Jose H. / Jaelyn M. / Amado R.

Kristen S.

Hailey R. / Robert C. / Omar J. / Naythan N.

Eddie T. / Alexis S. / Jorge V. / Olivia B.

Delaihla H.

/ Marco D. / Bryan K. / Eric A.

Natasha E. / Nichleous Y. / Ashely V. / Joanna M.

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