Paper Molas

Since I had just completed the paper masks project with the Intermediate students and had a box full of leftover paper scraps, I wanted to introduce paper art to my beginner students in a way that would not overwhelm them. At a recent art exhibition, I saw a high school project with paper molas using  paper cutouts. For beginning students, I took the idea of paper molas and had the students create a colorful composition using only color and shapes. Their assignment was to fill an entire sheet of black paper using cut construction paper to create a composition that not only showed their understanding of geometric and organic shapes, but also to see how well they use space and balance in their designs. Some of these designs veered off the mola tradition and more into Picsasso-like paper cuts, but overall turned out pretty awesome. The more successful ones seemed to use a limited amount of colors and incorporated symmetry, but there is something about the designs that experimented more with the shapes and colors that also look really interesting to me.

(Image above by Rolando A.)

Jeffrey C.

Angela S.

Britney A.

Julieta M.

Juan H.

Isaiah H. / / / Axel R.

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