Portrait Paintings

I really loved how the Van Gogh Parody paintings turned out last year, and this lesson covers a wide range of skills like portraiture drawing, color mixing, and painting techniques. Last year, the students were able to use a variety of pop culture icons including cartoons, but this year, I really wanted them to continue working with portraiture after having painted their own self portraits in watercolor earlier in the year. I also changed it up a bit and had each each table parody a different Van Gogh portrait instead of using just one for the entire class. This way, we were able to conserve lots of blue paint and the students learned to mix and match and interpret the colors to their own Van Gogh paintings. With each lesson that I reteach this year, there have been a big improvement in my preparation as a teacher and in the way the students take on the project and I think the results have turned out really awesome. Can you guess the famous person before scrolling down to the title?

(image above of Marilyn Monroe by Amelia R.)

Harry Potter by Maria G. / Michael Jackson by Keyshawn C.

Abraham Lincoln by Vaney L.

Superman by Eric F.

Legolas by Alan B.

Santa Claus by Errol J.

Ironman by Djuan J.

Terminator by Daniel B.

Darryl Dixon by Valerie P.

Lebron James by Kharee M.

JJ Watt by Marc G.

Simon Cowell by Katie V.

Snooki by Maria S.

Elvis Presley by Samreen A. / Captain America by Angel G.

Barack Obama by Diego C.

Eminem by Sebastian S

Megan Fox by Jovanit Q.

Bruce Lee by Moses M.

Charlie Chaplan by Celeste M.

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