Rodeo Still Life

The Intermediate students spent two weeks drawing from a still life table for their rodeo project. We first practiced by drawing together around the table, spending a minute or two on quick thumbnail sketches of various angles of the still life. Then I looked at their thumbnails sketches and helped them decide which would be the best angle to use for their larger drawing. They used art sticks to color. We had practiced and reviewed shading and drawing texture with different pencil techniques before working on this project. I really wanted them to practice drawing from direct observation and to draw as realistic as they could using those same shading techniques they had practiced with. I told them that with a still life, they could tweak things up a bit by changing the colors or adding more objects to a scene or changing the pattern of the cloth in order to create a more visually dynamic composition. I really love some of the bright and vivid color choices that some of them used.

(image above by Maria G.)

Celeste M.

Daniel B.

Joel R. / Keyshawn C. / Marc G. / Amelia R.

Alexis M.

Jose I.

Vaney L. / / Djuan J.

Adriel S.

Errol J. / Eddie P.

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