Starry Night Desert Paintings

The Intro to Art kids just finished up their Van Gogh painting project. We spent quite some time on this project, building an under-painting and adding layers upon layers of paint to recreate those beautiful Van Gogh brushstrokes. For the most part, they had some difficulty with blending the brushstrokes together, but I think having extra time to paint and pushing them to go back and re-paint over their mistakes have been helpful in creating these paintings in the end. I love teaching painting projects like this and like the Van Gogh Parody project, because it’s always so interesting to see each student’s painting style. Even after looking at these images throughout their working progress and to see it a few more times while grading and posting on the blog, I can always find something new to love about each one.

(image above by Jada T. )

Kayla T. / Jorge V. / Alexis S. / Marco D.

Perla D.

Kristen S.

Leslie I.

Naythan N.

Nohely O. / Brian D. / Olivia B. / Omar J.


Delailha H.

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