Tint & Shade Landscapes

My sixth graders in Beginning Art have been working hard at this particular Tint & Shade project. It was there first time working with acrylic paints and I normally don’t tackle acrylic paints with my students until their second Intermediate year, but I felt that the group of students I had this year in both my Intro and Beginner’s classes would be up for the challenge. I have to say, though, this project was a bit tough for my sixth graders. It might possibly have been the fact that I had them take on this project right before we left for the winter break and everyone was so eager to get out of school for two weeks that on their first attempt at this painting assignment, the majority of the class seem to have kind of missed the mark. So when they returned from the break, I had to be real honest with them and tell them that we had to try this assignment again, because in my classroom, even though we make mistakes or even when we don’t succeed at something, we should not be afraid to try again and do better on the second or third or even fourth attempt! Needless to say, the kids weren’t too excited about the idea of spending another week on a project they had already done. These are sixth graders after all, and they are always so eager to try new projects in class, but after spending time on this project and taking our time to really paint in the layers and mix our tints and shades correctly, the kids were pretty satisfied and excited to see the drastic improvement in their own painting skills. And I have to say, these landscapes turned out so beautiful and ethereal to look at.

(image above by Angela S.)

Julieta M. / Hazel M. / Laura A. / Jasmin D.

Rolando A.

Miguel G. / Isaiah H. / Juan H. / Pedro V.

Axel R.

Izaiah H. / Mary V. / Armando P. / Ashley M.

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