Printmaking: 4 Prints

The students picked a theme to incorporate into their prints as a class. We came up with Cartoons and Symbols. Since we were a bit low on ink and paper this year, I decided to have the students print four good editions and color one with prisma colors instead of printing an entire edition of prints to give to each classmate. I actually think that I prefer these four prints now that I had a chance to look back. It gives the kids more time to focus on printing out good quality prints instead of 20 mediocre ones. And of course, any time I can fit in some practice with colored pencils is always good.

(image above by Ms. Pham)

Valerie P.

Alexis M.

Keyshawn C.

Errol J. / Sonia R.

Maria S.

Katya G.

Sebastian S.

Adriel S. / Marc G.

Maria G. / Kharee M.

Katie V.

Jose I. / Jackeline A.

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