Hand Shadows

          We dove quickly into a hand drawing study session last week. First, we watched two how-to videos by artist Mark Crilley on Youtube, and drew along with him in our sketchbooks. Then I had the students draw their own hand holding an object as a quick sketchbook assignment. And when they thought they had enough of drawing hands, I had them draw their hands again on even larger paper. I had taken photographs of their hands in various positions in front of a lamp. Most students were a bit concerned with how to make the perfect shadow puppet, but I told them that this project is more about drawing their own hands in a unique position. When we finally drew out the shadows, I told them to exaggerate the features of their animal or creature in order to create a strong and interesting story for their composition. We used India ink for the shadows. Throughout all of these hand drawing studies, we used Mark Crilley’s techniques to first sketch lightly with a pencil, then outline with a black prisma color, and finally, shading in with a pencil again.

          We’ve been getting into a routine of spending about two weeks on a project, and I’ve began to notice that students tend to get weary by the time the last few days of a project rolls around. I’ve planned more short projects like these for the school year along with some other major projects like clay and papier mâché. The students may gripe about the short time period and the load of work that they are receiving this second semester, but I think it really helps to train them to get into a routine of really pushing themselves to work hard to complete a project in a timely manner. And even through all the complaints, a lot of these drawings have turned out really beautifully!

(image above by Ms. Pham)

Errol J.

Alan B.

Samreen A.

Celeste M.

Adriel S. / / Alexis M. / Sebastian S.

Amelia R.

Dan M.

Daniel B.

/ / Jose U. /

Maria G.

Valerie P.

Eddie P. / / Jovanit Q. / Maria S.

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