Colored Prints

Foam prints by the Beginning and Intro kids.  The kids are beginning to tire of prisma colors even though they consistently turn out great pieces when they do use them. These colored prints are so vibrant and beautiful.

(image above by Alexis S.)

“The Morning Sparrow” by Bryan K.

“winter Migration” by Julieta M.

“The Bird” by Miguel G.

“Snapping Turtle” by Jasmin D.

“Sunset Tiger” by Britney A.

“The PurBlue Bird” by Mary V.

“Swimming with Nemo” by Denis T.

“Bird” by Marco D.

“My Mooded Butterfly” by Kayla T.

“Zebra” by Heidy P.

“Sweet Little Bird” by Hazel M.

“Paradise” by Katherine C.

Ruben C.

“The Big View” by Frania L.

“Snow Tiger” by Delailha H.

“Bulldog” by Erick O.

“The Wolf” by Brian D.

“The Killer Shark” by Daniel F.

“Bambi’s All Grown” by Delene G.

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