Copper Monograms

This is a great quick lesson that can be done within a week in between larger projects. We had a week before we started on Clay, so I had the students create these copper and metal engravings of their initials. The kids drew out their designs onto a square template and after they had transferred the image onto their metal plate, they used a wooden stick or a ball point pen to carve out their designs. A wonderful trick that my colleague, Amy, showed me was to use a mixture of dish washing detergent and India ink to rub and stain the metal plates. I like seeing the different polishes and finishes each student gave their plates. These plates have photographed pretty well too, don’t you think?

(image above b Jaelyn M.)

Kristen S.

Perla D. / Leslie I. / Hazel M. / Miguel G.

Jose H.

Rolando A. / Pedro V. / Ruben C. / Julieta M.

Erick O.

Isaiah H. / Daniel F. / Bryan K. / Chris M.

Marco D.

Katherine C.

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