Scratchboard Mandalas

Scratch board Mandalas! The kids learned about radial symmetry and a brief history of mandalas and how it is incorporated into everyday life and art through rose windows in cathedrals, in traditional and contemporary art-making, and in decorative artwork such as, rugs and textile, and Native American weaving. They designed and illustrated their own mandalas using what they had already learned about geometric and organic shapes and patterns. Then, they transferred their designs onto black scratchboards and created these colorful kaleidoscope-like mandalas.

(image above by Carlos P.)

Frania L. / Mary V. / Vanessa G. / Heidy P.

Armando P.

Britney A. / Kristen S. / Miguel G. / Axel R.

Alexis G.

Brian D. / Erick O. / Marco D. / Laura A.

Hazel M.

Ruben C. / Perla D.  / Rolando A. / Joanna M.

Katherine C.

Bryan K. / Graciela M. / Leslie I.  / Jaelyn M.

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