Beginner’s Self Portraits

I always like to have my beginning and Intro to Art students draw self portraits towards the end of the school year. By now, they’ve had enough time to work with prisma pencils to really know how to use them properly and get those really nice vibrant shades and hues out of them . I also really like seeing the progress that they have made since drawing their faces for the first time in my class when they had made those Artistic Licenses at the beginning of the school year. And despite all the complaints about not being to draw themselves, I think the majority of these turned out really awesome. I can really see the resemblance in some of these portraits, even if the kids say that they can’t. 🙂 This self portrait of mine will be used as a “MS. PHAM IS ALWAYS WATCHING YOU WORK” poster next year.

(image above by Ms. Pham)

Joanna M.

Nichleous Y. / Brian D.

Rolando A.

Armando P. / Axel R.

Jorge V.

Mary V. / Anthony J. /Naythan N. / Frania L.

Alexis S.

Michell’Le M. / Ruben C.

Delene G.

Miguel G. / Kristen S. / Hailey R. / Erick O.

Kierra M.

Alexis G. / Ashley V. / Kayla T. / Terrance A.

Delailha H.

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