Clay Gnomes

I’ve been taking a break these past few months to enjoy the summer break, but now that school is about to begin again, I’m pretty excited for all the new students and all the great artwork that will be happening in my classroom again. I left my camera card on campus over the break, so the next several posts will be kind of a catch up on the last projects that the students worked on at the end of last school year. These are the bisqueware that came out of the kiln when the kids made gnomes out of clay. It was my first time teaching this lesson and the students really enjoyed creating and building their gnome sculptures. I demonstrated the pinch technique to build the hollow head and body of the gnome and then spent each day showing the students how to add more details like the arms and legs, and how to mold and shape facial features. Even though we had a limited amount of time to work on clay, the results came out really awesome! This is definitely and project I’d love to teach again and maybe grow my collection of gnomes over the years!

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