Field Trip

For our very first Drawing Society field trip, we took the kids out to visit a few of our favorite museums and galleries. We made a stop by the MFAH to check out the SOTO exhibit and spent some time browsing through the permanent collection. It was great to see the kids recognize the Van Gogh paintings as they had studied and learned to paint in his style during our class time. We then spent some time at the Trenton Doyle Hancock exhibit at the CAMH. After a pit stop at a few food trucks for lunch, we had a picnic on the lawn of the Menil before checking out the Cy Twombly gallery and the Menil where they had an awesome Rene Magritte exhibit on display.  It was a pretty cool experience to have been able to show them all the Renaissance and Impressionist paintings and then also show them some contemporary works like Hancock’s graffiti-style murals and the all the wonderful modern Surrealist pieces from Magritte and the giant abstract paintings of Cy Twombly. IOur art club has been small and cozy this year with a few members, but we managed to accomplish a lot within the past year, including fundraising for our very first field trip! I’m very excited to continue with the club this year and try out new and exciting projects with the new kids, and of course, I’ll be looking forward to another field trip!


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