Collage Selfies

During the summer break, I took a few workshops at the MFAH and one of these classes that I really enjoyed was a Selfie Collage painting session. The lesson was pretty fun so I thought I’d try t on my Intro students this year. It’s a bit early on in the year to tackle self portraits and acrylic painting for beginning art students, but the lesson is more about self expressionism rather than realism. When I taught this lesson, I didn’t tell or show examples of the project like I normally would. Instead, I allowed the students to create a collage background using pieces of old magazines that had colors and patterns that they were really drawn to. We had a quick lesson on how to draw faces already, but when they began to paint their faces, I told them to focus on creating a likeness or a representation of their image rather than focusing on trying to create a realistic face. We used acrylic washes to paint layers of colors over our collages. The results turned out beautifully. I’m particularly drawn to the images where the collage and the layers of colors are working so harmoniously together. It’s a visual delight.

Jaqueline N.

Jessamine M. /

/ Zulema C.

Devyn C.

Cecilia / Priscila G.

Joshua V. / Andrea G.

/ Yeimi M.

Jade P. / Christian W.

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