Element of Design Booklets

Each student chose a silhouette for their Element of Design Accordion Booklet and illustrated examples on each panel. The project reminded me of a similar project I had done in college while in Design class. It’s interesting to see how each student interprets each element. The project, itself, took a few weeks to finish. I spread the time out and had the kids work on it from time to time and the final product turned out so beautiful!

(image above by Ms. Pham)

33 thoughts on “Element of Design Booklets

  1. hello! wonderful project! im very interested in how you split this up. was it completed as one big project or split up between weeks?

  2. Thank you! I am using this for a intermediate/advanced mixed class that the students will do at home since COVID has delayed our school opening! I am cutting the paper and putting it in their art supply bags that they will pick up this week. I have been searching for new lessons to teach remotely since all the advanced level classes are mixed in together into 1 class period and I just cant try to teach 4 different art classes in 1 period 2 times per day and don’t want to repeat a lesson that a student may have already done in another year. This looks like it will be so fun!

    • Yes! I just finished up this lesson with my online learners this year also and they were able to draw their designs in their sketchbook. Some even cut out small pieces of paper and created a pamphlet or book instead of an accordion booklet and it worked out just as well too! I usually teach this to my Advanced kiddos but this year, my Intermediate students have really been enjoying making these booklets!

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