End of Year

What a year! Sometimes I think that I will be restless and tired of the same things when I think about teaching the same subject every year, but it never fails to surprise me every year how inspired and excited I can get as I rummage through old photos and artwork and everything that we have accomplished in such a short amount of time. There were many firsts this year for me, including taking on more responsibilities outside of my art classes, mentoring GT students and tackling so many school events and decorations, having to teach a new Advanced course, and sponsoring a bigger Art Club (participation really skyrocketed form the 3 kids we normally had in the previous years). I think I’ve learned so much from my students and from myself as I reflect back on all the lessons that I have taught and experimented with my students and looking back through my blog posts, it really doesn’t seem that possible that we were able to have so much fun and create so many wonderful pieces of art this year. My photo wall is rapidly filling up, I barely have room for next year’s new crop of photos and memories, but I am very very excited for the new batch of kiddos and talent to come into my class next year for sure!

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