Fun with Claycrete!

I’ve experimented with different types of paper mache materials, from flour and water paste to using strips of newsprint and newspaper, but my favorite material so far has to be Claycrete! I have been ordering this material from Blick for the past two years and love how it can be used easily for paper mache lessons. It is basically paper mulch that is ready to be mixed with water to form the paper mache paste. I like to use a water and glue mixture for extra stickiness and provide my kids with a Ziploc bag to mix their own paste when they are ready to create their forms over their paper armatures. The Claycrete dries into a hard shell, sort of like a cast, and has a rough texture, which i do not mind so much. The one thing I really love about this material is that you can create round edges and mold your papaer mache sculptures easily like clay. I definitely love working with Calycrete for this Oaxacan spirit animal project.



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